Shade cloth
About Us

About Us

Coolasun company is an experienced manufacture of shade cloth and shade sails. Our company consisted of 200 professional workers with years' experiences. They are deeply affected by company philosophy that quality is first and customer is first. This is reflected to our shading products. Shade cloth and shade sails manufactured by Coolasun have been recognized by more and more clients both at home and abroad.

Why Choose Us As Your Final Supplier?

  • As greenhouse effect is prevailing in recent years all through the world, summer is becoming hotter and hotter. People would rather stay indoor to avoid sun-burn and UV rays. Plants, especially sensitive plants, have to struggle with the intense heat and harmful rays. This summer, you won't be worried about these problems, for shade cloth can block light out and make a cooler and safer environment for you and your plants.
  • Our shade cloth has a wide range of shade percentages, ranging from 30% to 90%, to satisfy your different requirements. A 30% shade cloth is ideal for your sun-loving crops like tomatoes and peppers, a 80% or 90% is strongly recommended for shade-loving plants like ginseng. Depending on local climates and crops you grow, select a right shade cloth.
  • Shade cloth is integrated with a lot of advantages together, including easy installation, long lifespan, lightweight, stylish colors and surfaces and versatility. It can protect children's playing areas, swimming pools, back yards, patios, decks. What is more, shade cloth can be used as privacy fences to block out visitors' vision.
  • Based on the mutual benefit, we provide you the most competitive price. We really hope that we can help you spend the hot summer smoothly and happily.