Coolasun shade cloth applications

Would you shrink back at the sight of strong sunlight in hot summer? Even you apply a thick layer of sunproof cream; you still get sunburns or can be hurt by UV rays which can cause skin sensitivity. A shade cloth or shade sail can resolve this problem for you effectively and economically.

Coolasun company has been engaged in producing shading products for more than 15 years. According to different constructions, our company provides two types shade cloth: knitted and woven. Both are widely used in providing protection for crops and people from light and UV damage. They have a wide range of shade rate, ranging from 30% to 90%, to satisfy your special requirements.

Shade cloth is made of the high density polyethylene. It is an ideal material against UV degradation, chemical resistance to agricultural chemicals, sprays and detergents. Undergoing extreme weathers, polyethylene won't rot, mildew or absorb moisture. As is mentioned above, shade cloth has a long life span about 7 to 10 years.

Shade cloth has been a shading product all through the world, for its various shade rate, lightweight and easy installation. It is mainly used in many fields, including children's playing area, patios, backyards, bird netting, swimming pools, or used as wind screens, privacy fences.

Another popular shading product we manufacture is shade sails. It is becoming famous for its stylish surface and various colors. It is made of the high density polyethylene (or HDPE) and it can block out more than 95% light and UV rays. Its surface shapes consist of square, rectangle, equilateral triangle and right angle triangle. They can be mounted into a lot of unique surfaces. Not only shade sails provide you a cool and safe environment underneath the strong light, but also it can add a charming view to your property or office.

Woven Shade Cloth

Woven shade cloth, with 30%-80% shade rates, black color and long durability, protects you from sunburn and UV rays.

Shade Sails

Shade sails can be used as a shading to create a cooler and safer environment and add landscape. Our shade sails have four shapes and 12 different colors.

Knitted Shade Cloth

Knitted shade cloth with shade rate 30% - 90% and width 6’-32’ protects crops, people and animals. Our shade cloth is made of high density polyethylene.